Lam-Air Maintenance Program

For all Your Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Needs

Experts can agree that regular maintenance on your air conditioning and heating systems can save you money. Your systems will last longer and work more efficiently for lower energy costs. Plus, potential problems can be spotted before they require an emergency repair. Learn more about preventative maintenance »

Benefits of Lam-Air Maintenance Program

Air filters Before & After changing
A clean filter helps your system run efficiently.
  • Twice Yearly – Complete System Check up, Cleaning and Maintenance – Spring and Fall
  • 15% Off – Any parts needed for repairs
  • Never an Overtime Charge – Always pay regular rates, even in an emergency
  • Priority Customer – We’ll call you to schedule so you don’t have to remember

Lam-Air’s Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Program is one of the easiest ways to protect the investment you made in your HVAC systems. Keep your heating and air conditioning systems running at their most efficient levels, save money on repair costs and lower your heating and air conditioning bills.

Lam-Air’s Heating and Cooling Maintenance Program

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