American Home Shield Contractor

American Home Shield is the largest home warranty company in the US. At Lam-Air, we take great pride in providing prompt, professional service for our American Home Shield customers.

An American Home Shield home warranty service contract that includes your air conditioning and heating system can provide peace of mind.

If your air conditioning and heating system stops working, immediate repairs could cost hundreds of dollars, while a replacement system can cost several thousand dollars. Your home warranty contract will pay for the repair or replacement of covered items, regardless of age, make or model, for just the cost of a service call fee.

Your heating and air conditioning systems needs regular maintenance regardless of whether you have a home warranty. Your home warranty may require that homeowners properly maintain their system to qualify for coverage under the warranty contract.

When you are looking for an American Home Shield contractor in Southern Oregon, Grants Pass, Medford and surrounding communities, you can count on Lam-Air to repair the equipment if possible or replace it if necessary.

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